A record of Democratic leadership and public service


  • Member, Democratic National Committee
  • Vice Chair, DNC Western States Regional Caucus
  • Member, DNC Credentials Committee
  • Member, DNC Transition Advisory Committee (2017)
  • Member, California Democratic Party Executive Board
  • Delegate, Democratic State Central Committee
  • Member, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee
  • Chair, DNC Youth Council (2018-2022)
  • Democrat of the Year, Los Angeles County Democratic Party (AD50, 2014)
  • Man of the Year, California Young Democrats (2017)
  • RFK Inspiration Award, San Fernando Valley Young Democrats (2019)
  • Three-time Democratic Club Member of the Year

Historic successful campaigns for the Democratic National Committee

  • In June 2016, Michael Kapp was elected by the California Democratic Party Executive Board to the Democratic National Committee. He was re-elected in March 2020.
  • During his 2016 campaign, Michael visited 29 counties in eight months.
  • In 2016, with 223 votes out of 293 cast, Michael earned the third-highest vote total among all 51 candidates in the state. At 30 years old, Michael was the youngest-ever person elected as California DNC member.
  • Michael is the first California DNC member to complete an entire four-year term as a Young Democrat.
  • In 2020, with 225 votes out of 328 cast, Michael was the third-highest male-identified candidate. At 34 years old, Michael was the first person to be re-elected to the DNC as a Young Democrat.

Winning Democratic experience throughout California

  • Statewide campaign experience in the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Southern California
  • Advisor, consultant, and volunteer for dozens of successful statewide, Congressional, state legislative, and local races
  • Worked for Bay Area elected officials Assemblymember Nancy Skinner and Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
  • Spent much of his adult life living and working in the Central Valley and Bay Area

Fighting for our progressive values

Michael Kapp with Keith Ellison

Michael Kapp is the youngest-ever person elected to the DNC from California. A graduate of UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, and the UC Davis School of Law, Michael has fought from within and from outside our Party for our Democratic values, including fighting against climate change and economic inequality, and promoting criminal justice reform, LGBTQ+ equality, Medicare for All, consumer protection, and voter registration and protection.

In 2016, Michael Kapp ran for the DNC because the future of our planet was at stake. According to polls, despite the large stakes, the Democratic Party did not engage a whole generation of voters: addressing un- and under-employment, eliminating college tuition and student loan debt, and building affordable housing and modern transportation systems. These values are progressive Democratic values. Michael also believes that the DNC needs to be more transparent and accountable to the state parties it represents. Michael has fought for a 57 State Strategy, in which every state party (including D.C., the territories, and Democrats Abroad) has the financial, staffing, and training resources to elect Democrats to every race on the ballot. In 2020 and today, Michael is running for re-election to continue to fight for these values.

Michael brings the voice of a younger generation to the national political conversation, building bridges between grassroots activists and the national Democratic Party. The Democratic National Committee needs to do more to build relationships with State Parties and local Democrats -- especially Young and College Democrats -- to bring new voices to our Democratic Party. Michael has a long record of mentoring and training the next generation of progressive activists so we can reach more voters and elect strong Democrats who will fight for our values. Donate to Michael Kapp and his campaign to support our grassroots!

What is the Democratic National Committee?

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is responsible for governing the Democratic Party, organizing the presidential primary and National Convention, and promoting the Party Platform. There are only 20 elected DNC members from California.

Who votes for California's DNC Members?

The Executive Board of the California Democratic Party consists of 370 Democratic Party leaders from around the state.

Region 7 meeting, Santa Cruz County Democratic Party